Vanessa & Jason Engagement Shoot

Vanessa and Jason are proof that online dating isn’t as bad as it’s stereotype! The couple met on E-Harmony in August of 2016 and had an immediate connection! They texted back and forth for a couple of weeks and really got to know each other! Eventually, the two agreed to meet in person and as they say, the rest is history! Vanessa says, “I’m my truest self with Jason and we’re constantly laughing with each other. We’re each others best friends and we can’t wait to be just as in love 50 years from now!”

In February, the couple had a ski trip planned to go to his family’s cabin in Bend, Oregon with friends. Jason made dinner reservations for the two before his friends were suppose to arrive so they could have one meal together. They arrived too early for the reservation, so Jason took her to a dreamy bridge covered in snow were they looked at the beautiful Oregon views. Vanessa's face went stark white when Jason said, “I have something to tell you, I’ve been lying to you for the past 3 months.”  She was shocked when he told her their friends weren’t coming and then proposed! Jason had it all planned, complete with a photographer to capture the moment. Back at the restaurant, both of their families surprised Vanessa and met them to celebrate over dinner! The two spent the rest of the trip skiing and touring breweries with their families.

We’re so excited to share this beautiful Fort Worth Botanical Garden engagement session, featuring some of our favorite clients, Vanessa and Jason! Botanical Garden is the perfect backdrop for this photogenic couple! Some of our favorite shots include Vanessa and Jason’s cute Daughter and the chemistry between the two lovely couple! We love our clients and are so excited to keep designing and planning to make their dream wedding a reality!

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