Jazzah & Himmat

Let's Grow Old Together

This session might be one of my favorite engagements sessions of 2018 so far. I truly feel so lucky and honored that I get to photograph the sweetest couples. Jazah and Himmat are no exception – they are the nicest and most sincere people I’ve ever met! We were able to achieve a very beautiful and romantic look with a little guidance and some fun.  I love the result of their photo and they are some of my favorites from this year!

Can this engagement session get anymore adorable?! I loved photographing Jazah and Himmat together. They are full of life and happiness!. We choose Los Colinas Canals for their engagement shoot. This is one of the popular spots for photographers to go. Jazah and Himmat made the most out of it and I was able to take various editorial style shots for them. I couldn’t be more grateful to document this special time for Jazah and Himmat. Thank you for having me! 

Jazah & Himmat-6.jpg
Jazah & Himmat-11.jpg
Jazah & Himmat-12.jpg
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Jazah & Himmat-15.jpg
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